Charlotte Van Brabander - FIRE: Financial Independence, Retire Early

How to Stop Working at a Young Age


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A good financial planning ensures a financial freedom. The low interest rates on our savings, the high inflation, the insecurity about our pensions, and the rat race we are in all make this more important than ever. If thinking and talking about money is still a taboo for you, you will lack the necessary knowledge and have the wrong mindset about money. But a financial background will give you the highest return on investment and your financial health is just as important as your physical or mental health, regardless of your budget or income.

In FIRE, Charlotte Van Brabander shares her own experiences on planning the road towards financial freedom. FIRE means Financial Independence, Retire Early, and this book will improve your relationship with money will improve. You learn how to map out a clever financial plan and how to invest and save successfully. This makes you financially independent and enables you to retire earlier than you used to think.

‘We spend a lot of time and money on our physical and mental health. Unfortunately we don’t spend enough time on our financial health. But this determines our lives and the quality of it. FIRE demolishes financial taboos and improves your relationship with money.’ Charlotte Van Brabander

To be published in March 2022 | Paperback | ca. 192 pages | ca. 40,000 words
Over 7,500 copies sold
Full English AI translation available
Dutch edition published by Borgerhoff & Lamberigts

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Charlotte Van Brabander was known as the Belgian gamegirl. She was the first professional Belgian female poker player and is currently a member of GGPoker. She focuses on investing and the FIRE-movement, and she developed the Smart Savings platform which offers coaching to people who want to start investing in the stock exchange.



1. Introduction
The Scroodge in the Family

2. Your Way Towards FIRE
Step 1. Check Your Reality
Step 2. Map Your Way to Financial Freedom and Set Your Goal on the Horizon

3. Economic and Financial Key Words
The History of Money

4. Make Your Money Plan
Make Choices
Create a Buffer
My Money Plan

5. Let Money Do the Work For You
Investing in the Stock Market
Investing in Crypto
Retirement Savings


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