FIRE: Financial Independence, Retire Early - Charlotte Van Brabander

‘We spend a lot of time and money on our physical and mental health. Unfortunately we don’t spend enough time on our financial health. But this determines our lives and the quality of it. FIRE demolishes financial taboos and improves your relationship with money.’ -- Charlotte Van Brabander

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How About Mom - Anna Jacobs & Frederieke Jacobs

This honest book for mothers tells you how magical, wonderful, and unforgettable your maternity period and the first year of motherhood will be. And at the same time, be candid with the challenges, the inevitable identity crisis, possibly needing some time to get used to motherhood, and guilty feelings that might surface.

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Dream Dare Do - Dr. Ben Tyler

What is needed to change the phase of dreaming, into daring and – finally – into doing? What is the secret of real, permanent change? Dr. Ben Tyler gives clear answers. Based on current psychological insights, practical experience and personal stories of people who have learned – with ups and downs – to manage themselves.

Over 450,000 copies sold | Published in English, German, Arabic and Dutch | Click here for more information


The Ladder - Dr. Ben Tyler

Anyone with a bit of life experience will know that real change – at work and at home – isn’t easy. But based on his smart and simple model – The Ladder – Ben Tyler shows you how to set goals that do work, how to choose behavior that will lead to success and what support does help you change. This book is packed with the very best up-to-date insights from the field of behavioral science. Accessible, practical and effective. Bonus: Includes a checklist with over 80 evidence based tips on behavior change!

Over 50,000 copies sold | Published in English and Dutch, Russian and Korean rights sold | Click here for more information


You Are What You Drive - Erwin Wijman

Of course you can explain why you bought a Peugeot. You buy a car with emotions and can defend its purchase with rational arguments. But there is no choice, you are your car. Your car is auto guide, marketing folder, psychology book, and story book all in one. It doesn’t feature technical specifications, consumption figures, and other horsepower porn. This is also for women!

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Flirting and Dating for Gay Women - Eline Zegers

Many women are afraid to approach and flirt with other women. The result is that no one makes a first move, wasting many opportunities for female relationships. Such a shame! And totally unnecessary. This guide book will provide you insight in how attraction works and navigates you through the female dating jungle towards your Princess Charming.

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