Glenn van der Burg – How People Work

Perspectives on Human Behavior for Improvements at Work


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Do you have an irresistible feeling that your work could be so much better and more enjoyable? Not just for yourself, but also for your colleagues? Doing work that feels empowering, useful meetings that actually generate energy, plans that really lead to something, moving effortlessly with all disruptive developments.

What exactly determines the behavior of people at their work? What motivates them? Why don’t we do what we plan to do?

Glenn van der Burg guides you along three forces that determine the behavior of people at their work. And Professor Rick van Baaren contributes knowledge and inspiration to this book, giving you accessible scientific perspectives. How People Work also includes practical assignments and tips to improve your work tomorrow, as well as that of your colleagues. And make it more fun, better, and more effective.

Published in November 2020 | Paperback | with illustrations | 160 pages | ca. 29,000 words
Dutch edition published by S2 Publishers

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People-oriented organizing leads to better results and happier employees. Glenn van der Burg works passionately on this approach on a daily basis, as a facilitator for groups that want to dive in the transformation to a people-oriented organization together. He hosts the weekly radio show People Power about the power of people in organizations, wrote Management Myths and How People Work, and is speaker and conference chairman on themes like leadership, participation, Workplace Innovation and sustainable employability.


‘Versatile, practical, and applicable right away.’
Albert Markusse, CEO Cosun

How People Work contains a wealth of new insights for organizational designers in a nice compact package.’
Carsten Deuper, Manager equipment and process engineering NXP

‘A manual for the working person.’
Jeroen Busscher, author, speaker, organization culture consultant

‘An inspirational and contemporary way to really start working on yourself and looking for even more happiness at work. Highly recommended if you want to start moving up, in your own way.’
Felix Bartelomij, head people development ABN AMRO bank

‘Like no other, Glenn van der Burg knows how to offer complex psychological matter in digestible power foods for the working human. He wrote the book just as smoothly as if you would hear him tell it in his podcast.’
Aukje Nauta, organization psychologist, speaker, author, and professor emeritus

‘Glenn is a good guy. This book is a good book. Read it. Buy it at least.’
Harry Starren, advisor to board and directors


1. Do you know for sure that YOU want to read this book?
2. Why do YOU have the work how YOU are working?
3. Why do WE have to work how WE are working?
4. Consciously versus subconsciously
5. Promotion versus prevention
6. Inclusion versus distinction
7. Now what?

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