Mauro van de Looij - The Coach Makes the Difference

Develop your vision on leadership, talent, motivation and selection


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You can make the difference as a football coach. You want your players to enjoy the game and develop their talents. Whether you are a professional coach or a parent that is in charge of the team unexpectedly, you do a better job when you know what you want to achieve and how to do that.

Mauro van de Looij is an experienced youth football coach for clubs in the Dutch premier league. In his book, he shares experience and scientific insights on motivation, selection, training, and coaching. He discusses questions like: How important is winning? How can I influence the players' motivation? How to recognize talent? What to say at half-time?

This is the first comprehensive book that helps you complement your vision and style. As trainer, coach, and leader. Mauro challenges you to create a culture of performance, with a people-driven focus.

Published in April 2021 | Paperback | 268 pages | ca. 50,000 words
Full English translation available
Dutch edition published by Big Business Publishers

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Mauro van de Looij is sport and performance psychologist. He worked as youth coach at PSV and Willem II, teaches performance psychology, and coaches sporters and trainers. He advises football clubs on training, coaching, and talent development.


‘This book is the foundation for every youth coach.’ – Toon Gerbrands, CEO PSV football club

‘Mauro makes scientific insights practical in a fun way.’ – Art Langeler, CEO Football Development for the Royal Dutch Football Federation KNVB

‘I would love for every child to have a coach who treats his pupils like this.’ – Bastiaan Riemersma, Head of Youth Development at Willem II football club

‘A beautiful and inspiring book for all sport coaches. With lots of focus on the mental aspects and recognizable examples. Great!’ – Geart Bakker

‘I read The Coach Makes the Difference in one weekend. A great combination of scientific insights and examples. A clear vision which isn’t forced but offered as a tool to make every coach a better coach. Top!’ – Gijs Tuinder

‘A must-read for all sport coaches who work with youth players. A good summary of theory and practice.’ – Tonnie Meijer

‘Every club should provide this book to their (youth) coaches! Well done.’ – Ebbo vd Veen

‘A well-structured book with an extensive list of sources. The theory is clearly explained without using jargon. The author knows what he’s talking about and knows the football world well. But you don’t need to know a lot about football to understand his lessons. It was remarkable how well-known management theories could be applied both in the organization and on the football field.’ – Elly Stroo Cloeck, Managementboek.nl


Foreword by Willem Weijs

1 The role and style of the football coach: who inspires players?
1.1 What is your style?
1.2 Which leadership styles are applicable?
1.3 Which treats of a coach are appreciated by (young) players?

2 Motivation: what drives players?
2.1 Intrinsic versus extrinsic: driven from within or by other factors?
2.2 Autonomy: do you offer your players choices?
2.3 Competence: do you look at the abilities of your players?
2.4 Connection: is everyone involved?

3 Perspective: do you believe you can do it?
3.1 Mindset: do you believe in development?
3.2 Focus: complete or incomplete control?
3.3 Ownership: how do you create leaders?

4 Selecting players: what are you searching for?
4.1 Selection: daily operations
4.2 Selection: scientific insights
4.3 Practical tools for selection

5 Sharing your vision: how do you create clear expectations?
5.1 Which agreements do you make with the club?
5.2 Which agreements do you make with the team?
5.3 Which agreements do you make with the parents?

6 Training: how do you improve the performance?
6.1 How do you create effective training goals?
6.2 How do you match your players' abilities?
6.3 How do you train holistically?
6.4 How can you transfer skills, attitude, and knowledge?
6.5 What are good football exercises?

7 Coaching a game: how do you make the difference?
7.1 Wanting to win: the aim of the game?
7.2 Safety: is everything accounted for?
7.3 Vulnerability: can I have flaws?
7.4 Purpose: what are we playing for?
7.5 Timing: what do you tell and when?

8 How do you execute the ideas and tips from this book?
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