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21 Lessons From History


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Decoding Power by Waqas Muhammad is a philosophical yet accessible and practical book on the concept of ‘power’. What is it, who seeks it, how does one gain power, and how does one maintain a powerful position? But the book also discusses its darker aspects: power addiction, morality, and the evils of power. The book is a powerful read for a general audience, students, and people who deal with power professionally: managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and people working in government.

The book offers valuable insights from surprising sources on power, and on how powerless people and people in power act. Waqas’ Pakistani background and his international career provide an interesting and fresh perspective and narrative. His book will appeal readers with a professional interest in his thoughts on power, as well as a general audience looking for a better understanding of hierarchy and power.

To be published 2023 | Paperback | ca. 220 pages | ca. 45,000 words
Full English manuscript available

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Waqas Muhammed is a multi-talented author, currently based in Luxembourg. He has a diverse educational and professional background. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Pakistan, an LLM from a prestigious university in the UK, and an MBA from Top-10 business schools in Europe. Waqas’ first book Decoding Power showcases his ability to distill complex concepts into engaging and accessible prose.
Waqas has worked in a variety of industries at leading companies such as Petrofac, Amazon, and Kraft Heinz. Through these varied experiences, he has developed a unique perspective and a broad range of interests that inform his writing.
Despite his demanding professional career, Waqas’ true passion lies in reading and answering complex questions. He is known for exceptional problem-solving skills and the ability to break down complex ideas into understandable concepts. His writing reflects his passion for intellectual inquiry and a deep commitment to sharing knowledge with others.
As an author, Waqas is committed to exploring the themes of power, influence, and leadership. He draws inspiration from history and his professional experiences. His writing is designed to engage and inspire readers. In addition to reading and writing, he enjoys pursuing a variety of hobbies, including traveling and seeking new challenges and intellectual stimulation.



Theme 1: Genesis of Power
Chapter 1: Institutionalizing Power
Chapter 2: Defining Power
Chapter 3: Why Power is an Addiction?
Chapter 4: Who Pursues Power?
Chapter 5: Who Yields Power?

Theme 2 - Harnessing Power
Chapter 6: Hierarchy of Needs
Chapter 7: Evolution of Power
Chapter 8: Sources of Power
Chapter 9: Tyrant vs Leader

Theme 3 - Pathways to Power
Chapter 10: Three Acts of Power
Chapter 11: Strategies of Power
Chapter 12: Power Game Theory

Theme 4 - Power Struggle
Chapter 13: Distribution of Power
Chapter 14: Role of Incumbent
Chapter 15: Organizational Behavior

Theme 5 - Toppling Incumbent
Chapter 16: Trajectory to Throne
Chapter 17: Transition Period
Chapter 18: Goal of Toppling Incumbent

Theme 6 - Power & Morality
Chapter 19: A Measure of Morality
Chapter 20: When power becomes evil?
Chapter 21: The Dark Tetrad


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