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Our world is changing fast. Global events are occurring more often and have a bigger impact on societies and economies than ever before. The current (business) environment shows that things have to change in order to guarantee meaningful lives for future generations. In the past, securing social and environmental stability was regarded as the sole responsibility of the government and non-profit organisations. Businesses, on the other hand, had only one objective: maximising shareholder value. However, due to the impact of businesses on social and environmental issues, governments and non-profit organisations can no longer deal with these problems by themselves. A shift towards sustainable business management has become a hot topic.

If we want future business leaders to care more about sustainability when making decisions, we should introduce sustainable business management to students and ask them to reflect critically on the current situation and the possible solutions for our future. This book is meant to share the current state of affairs and give an extensive overview of relevant theories and ideas on sustainability, on an economic, social and environmental level. This book is an invitation for students and anyone who’s interested to learn about sustainability, to get informed and share their thoughts with one another.

Published in September 2021 | Paperback | 304 pages | ca. 100,000 words
Full English manuscript available
English edition published by Owl Press

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Karolien Van Riel has a degree in Commercial Engineering from the University of Antwerp and teaches courses on economics, sustainability and project management at different University colleges. The author has published books on IT project management and economics and has specialised in digital and sustainable economy.



Part 1

Chapter 1: Introduction to sustainable business development
The Global Ethical Trilemma
Carroll's Pyramid
Sustainable Business Management vs. Business Ethics Management vs. Corporate Governance
Case: Examples of Sustainability

Chapter 2: New economic paradigms
The Limits to Economic Growth
New Economic Theories
Case: Baby Pia

Chapter 3: Business in society
Business-Society Interaction
Social Trends
Impact Measurement
Case: Discovery

Chapter 4: The ecological footprint
The Current State of the Planet
Environmental Impact
Policies and Regulations
Case: Plastic Bags & Carbon Dividend

Chapter 5: Stakeholder management
Stakeholder Theory
Creating Shared Value (Porter)
Creating Integrated Value (Visser)
Case: The Kellogg Company

Part 2

Chapter 6: Corporate social responsibility
Dimensions of CSR
Critiques on Corporate Social Responsibility
The Future of Corporate Social Responsibility
Case: Johnson & Johnson Benelux

Chapter 7: Social entrepreneurship
Social Innovation
How to Start a Social Enterprise?
Business Models
Cases: Right2Score, Billie Cup & Oh!rganic

Chapter 8: Digital economy
The Impact of Digitalisation in our Economy
The Future of Digitalisation
Artificial Intelligence
The Link Between Sustainability and Digitalisation
Case: Self-Driving Cars

Chapter 9: Circular economy
The True Potential of Circular Economy
Circular Solutions
Case: Chep

Chapter 10: Sustainable energy management
Types of Sustainable Energy Sources
Clean Energy Strategies
Clean Energy Solutions
Case: Copenhagen 2025

Chapter 11: The future of sustainable business management
Future Sustainable Business Management
Integration of Solutions
Impact of COVID-19 on Sustainability

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