As an author you can sign an agreement with a publisher, allowing them to print and sell your book - you can also choose to publish the book yourself. But maybe your book has the potential not only to reach an English readership. For this you can sign an agency agreement with Santasado and then I will present your book to an international network of publishers, editors and agents. With the aim of selling the translation rights and realizing a Spanish, German, Japanese or Swahili translation of your book.

I recently sold translation rights for The Corporate Startup (German, Russian, Indonesian and Japanese) and Musk Mania (Spanish, Italian, Turkish and Vietnamese). I work with an extensive international network and I am experienced in presenting titles for translation, doing contract negotiations and supporting the translation. It usually takes time and effort before you have a translation of your book in your hands, but it is always a special moment when you are able to browse through your own story in a different language.

See the agency page for more information on the books that are represented by the Santasado Agency, see the testimonial page for a few references from authors I have worked with, or contact me for more information on foreign rights.

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