I never intended to work in publishing. Twenty years ago I thought it would be boring to work with books. But in my first week as an intern at the small literary publishing house Vassallucci, we won a literary award, a children's literature award and had a book presentation with television crews and lots of alcohol present. It was far from boring. In fact, because you work a lot with people and texts, the book trade turned out to suit me very well.

I have done a wide range of different jobs for various publishers in picture books, children's literature, young adult, literary fiction, non-fiction and management books. I always liked the variety and learned a lot from the different jobs. In my experience I have fulfilled nearly all functions in publishing (including one ill-advised week in a book store) with the sole exception of actually writing a book. I also learned a lot from the different publishing houses, colleagues and authors I have worked with (literary, non-fictions, management, children’s). It made me an all-round editor who can view a book from many different perspectives.

When I'm not working with books I like to read them for my pleasure. I enjoy making and listening to music, I follow basketball (the NBA and recently also the WNBA) and I appreciate Belgian beer and the stories and legends that surround Belgian brewing. I love my family (fiancé and two daughters) and the medieval city of Zutphen and its surroundings. And I enjoy making lists.

• Administration
• Assistant publisher
• Contract management
• Digital publishing
• Editor
• Foreign rights
• Graphic design
• Inventory management
• Marketing
• Online editor
• Production
• Promotion
• Sales
• Subsidiary rights
• Traffic and planning

Books I helped with the writing and editing (a selection):
• Benjamin Butler, The Futurist
• Dominique Darmon, Have I Got Dirt For You
• José R. Hernandez, Broken Business
• Philip Holt, Leading With Lean and The Simplicity of Lean
• Jitske Kramer, Voodoo and Work Has Left the Building
• Shirine Moerkerken, Conflict
• Rini van Solingen, Agile
• Daniel Stillman, Good Talk
• Tendayi Viki, Dan Toma and Esther Gons, The Corporate Startup

Books I helped with the foreign rights (a selection):
• Gerbrand Bakker, The Twin (27 languages) and The Detour (18 languages)
• Britta Böhler, The Decision (8 languages)
• Tendayi Viki, Dan Toma and Esther Gons, The Corporate Startup (7 languages)
• Danielle Braun and Jitske Kramer, The Corporate Tribe (5 languages)
• Saskia Goldschmidt, The Hormone Factory (8 languages)
• Hans van der Loo and Patrick Davidson, Musk Mania (7 languages)
• Ida Simons, A Foolish Virgin (18 languages)
• Lize Spit, The Melting (15 languages)

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