Santasado is a combination of the Portuguese words Santo (saint) and Assado (roasted).

For the name of the company I looked to my patron saint Saint Lawrence (Saint Laurent, San Lorenzo, Santo Lourenço) for inspiration, he is also the patron saint of the (holy) books. Lawrence of Rome was born on December 31, 225 A.D. in Huesca, Spain. In Caesaraugusta (Zaragoza) he meets the man who would later become Pope Sixtus II and together they travel to Rome. Laurentius became one of the seven archdeacons of Rome and, in addition to administrative duties, he was responsible for the administration of gifts for the needy and the care of the holy books.

In 257 during the Christian persecution, the Roman emperor Valerian I closed all Christian houses of worship, but Sixtus II held a service nonetheless. He is betrayed and sentenced to death along with four of the seven deacons. Laurentius is imprisoned, but not immediately convicted. The emperor demands from him all the riches of the church, the precious gold and silver and the sacred books. Laurentius asks for three days to collect these treasures, but during his leave he distributes all the wealth among the poor. On the third day he returns to the emperor empty-handed but with a procession of needy, crippled and blind people. He points to the group and declares to the judges: “Behold the true treasures of the church. The Church is truly richer than your Emperor. ”

Then he is tortured, but if he still refuses to reveal where the riches of the church are, he is tied to a grate over a fire. During this torture he says, "I'm done on this side, please turn me over". He is then beheaded and a relic with his burnt head is still worshiped in St. Peter's Basilica. Saint Lawrence dies on August 10, 258 as the last archdeacon of Rome and this day is still the name day of Laurens. Every year around August 10 a meteor shower (the Perseids) can be seen that, according to tradition, reminds us of the sparks of his torture, so these meteors are called the Tears of St. Lawrence.

Saint Lawrence is the patron saint for all who work with fire (brewers, chefs, coal burners, coffee roasters, firemen, glass blowers and stained glass makers, gunsmiths, knife makers, pastry chefs, restaurant owners and tanners), accountants, archivists, barbecues, butchers, comedians, deacons and seminarians, laundries, libraries and librarians, miners, the poor, students, wine traders, and wine makers, he is the patron saint for Canada, Mexico and Sri Lanka, the third patron saint for the city of Rome and he is revered in prayers to cure lumbago.

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