'Without your hard work, I may not be where I am today. I am forever grateful.'

Tendayi Viki, selected for the Thinkers50 Radar list and co-author of The Corporate Startup, over 15,000 copies sold, awarded with a CMI Management Book of the Year Award and an Axiom Business Book Awards Gold Medal, published in nine languages


'Laurens doesn’t pressure me, thinks with my agenda, my interests, and my mission in mind. I really could not wish for anyone better.'

Bart Brandsma, practical philosopher, developer of the polarisation model, and author of the book Polarisation

'Laurens is the ultimate motivator and calmer, he has a way of making you feel like you are in charge of your story, that you have the decision-making power, and you control the narrative. He made me feel that I am the biggest part of the process. As a first time writer, this was an important function to keep me involved in the process. His calm mannerism always made me calm as sometimes frustrations crept in as my mental tiredness began to manifest itself. There is so much to say about Laurens and his work ethic, but his most important asset is his ability to always get the job done in almost efficient and effective manner.'

Benjamin Sims, entrepreneur, singer, and author of Singing Rumpelstiltskin


'As publisher, I regularly visited the big international book fairs. And I have never met anyone with so many international contacts and meetings as Laurens during those fair days. Not just the number of meetings, but especially the personal contact of all those meetings was remarkable to witness. Publishers from Iran, Russia, or Spain, it always looked like a meeting between close acquaintances or even friends. It was special to experience this.'

Anneke van Dijk, publisher and owner of Stories With Impact

'Laurens has been a great help in helping me as a writer, reflecting on my writing and the structure of the book. In this way, he helped me connect to the people I want to reach, to get the message across that I believe in. And with his international network, he helps me reach my audience all over the world.'

Tim Wiegel, trainer and author of Leading With Obeya, published in four languages


'Working with Laurens is a joy. When I wrote a book in ten days during a self-imposed challenge, Laurens made sure that the editing, graphic design, and printing process was done with the same speed, and within a month the book was in the book stores. His guidance during longer writing projects is equally pleasant. Always thinking along with me and keeping an eye on the planning together. And he also manages to realize translations of my books through his international network. Super nice.'

Jitske Kramer, corporate anthropologist, speaker and international bestselling author

'I started working with Laurens as a new author, naïve to the requirements of the world of professional book publishing. However, under his tutelage and guidance, I was able to easily ‘learn the ropes’ and successfully publish not one but now three books on Lean Leadership. Laurens has a natural talent for his work, which shines through when you deal with him. I highly recommend him as your editor and wish you good luck in your authoring venture!'

Philip Holt, Lean Leadership expert and award-winning author of Leading With Lean, The Simplicity of Lean and Living Lean


'I had the pleasure of having Laurens as my agent, editor, and translator. He was incredibly helpful, and I was really impressed by his talent, dedication and eye for detail. He was always reassuring and encouraging, which I greatly appreciated, especially as a first time writer. I loved working with Laurens, and would highly recommend him!'

Dominique Darmon, professor at the University of Applied Sciences at the Hague and author of Have I Got Dirt For You

'Laurens was instrumental in publishing my book Flirting and Dating for Gay Women. He introduced me to publishers Bertram + de Leeuw and continued supporting me after signing the author's contract and advised me on things like marketing and promotion. He is creative, is wonderfully talented, but he is also just a really nice person to work with.'

Eline Zegers, flirting coach and author of Flirting and Dating for Gay Women


‘We had the honor to write the first book that has been published by Santasado. Laurens had the courage to publish it under the title for which our initial publisher backed out of the project. Not only did he had the guts to publish it, he took it and ran with it. Creative about the title, the cover, and the marketing and promotion, clever and positive-critical on the content, style, and appearance. Additionally, he took a lot of tasks out of our hands, so that we could focus on writing the book. We felt, and still feel, really relieved by working with Laurens. He is someone you can lean on, who motivates and stimulates you, in a calm and relaxed way. A wonderful collaboration. And may I add: Laurens is really sweet.’

Cedric Muchall, entrepreneur and speaker, and Lennard Toma, organisation psychologist and speaker, authors of Sugarcoated Organization Problems


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